Jillian O’Connor over at The Two Boys Club mentioned my new children’s cookbook, Kitchen Passports: Trinidad and Tobago. Check out her post and other great ones at twoboysclub.com. Proceeds from the sale of the cookbook will go towards helping children in need in Trinidad. Thanks, Jill!

The Two Boys Club

Rumor has it that after feeding her three very fussy children, my grandmother found me to be a delight: I ate pretty much everything that was presented to me (especially meat and potatoes, which always makes an Irish grandmother extra-happy).

But there is no justice in the universe. My kids seem to have a deal with one another that they’ll eat a complete diet, but only as a duo. One exclusively loves fish, serious vegetables like asparagus, and fruit, and the other wants only eggs, cheese, Chinese dumplings, burgers and fruit. Their only intersection: They both want endless amounts of candy, pumpkin bread and overpriced baguettes. Oh, yes. And fruit.

After another night of The Elder clamoring for what he calls “the only food he’ll eat: pizza, McDonald’s or sushi,” I got a great reminder in my inbox. My ex-college roomie, whom I’ve known since high school, has written a…

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