Day 29: The Newness of Things

“Look at all those mosquitoes buzzing around that light!,” Ramon declared.

Ramon was visiting from the Dominican Republic. He was staying with a friend of ours who lives in Lynn, Massachusetts.

That night in Lynn there was a light snowfall. The snowflakes were small and whirled around in the light wind. We explained to Ramon that what he was watching was snow. Ramon watched the snow from the window. He was mesmerized; he’d never seen snow before.

Eventually, Ramon said, “It still really looks like a bunch of mosquitoes around that street lamp.”

Before that moment, I’d never thought to compare the way the small snowflakes were whirring around the street lamp to mosquitoes. What a creative way to see snowflakes.

I cherish small moments like this — precious moments when someone else’s perspective leads me to see something in a new, creative way. Unedited moments of first or early encounters with something new.

I have had similar experiences with the kids. When she was 2 1/2, Logan took her yogurt and a spoon to a window, scooped out a hefty spoonful of the yogurt, and held it up to the night sky. I asked her why she was doing that. She told me that the moon was just a little line. She was trying to fill the moon up. And, last year, Lucas described the yellow daffodils he’d drawn in a picture as “keys that reach up to unlock the sun.” It’ll be wonderful to enjoy Wyatt’s ways of seeing. Right now he is mesmerized by his toes, our fingers, and shadows.

When has a child or another person described or represented something in a way that changed or enhanced your view of it?

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