Day 11: The Patriots Win AFC Championship!

Yesterday’s Patriots game took a few days off of my journey to 40. Luckily, they’re Superbowl bound after their tight win against the Baltimore Ravens.

Since when does the undecorated Joe Flacco play better than the multi-ringed Tom Brady? Since when do both the Patriots’ offense and defense break down? When does Brady score the last touchdown of the game by leaping, mind you, over a pile of players and into the end zone? And since when does an NFL kicker miss a 32-yard field goal (poor Billy Cundiff!)?

All that and more happened during the AFC Championship game last night, a game that the Patriots were lucky to win.

From whence all this luck? Bostonians might say it’s the luck of the Irish. I say perhaps it’s Wyatt’s luck.

You see, 2004, the year Logan was born, the Red Sox won their first World Series in over 80 years. You could say she broke the curse. Then, in 2007, when Lucas was born, the Red Sox won another World Series. We joked that every year we have kids, the Red Sox win. So we decided to give them a third pennant. Unfortunately, a World Series didn’t come to Boston in 2011 when Wyatt was born. But he did get a Stanley Cup when the Bruins won last year.

After the Patriots win yesterday, Logan and Lucas were jumping up and down,yelling, “We’re going to the Superbowl” over and over again. Hopefully, they’ll be able to celebrate a Superbowl win in this rematch against the NY Giants. How could it be any better?

(And as much as we’d love for the Red Sox to win another World Series, they’re gonna have to get the next one on their own).

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3 Responses to Day 11: The Patriots Win AFC Championship!

  1. David K says:

    I was worried that I would fall behind forever on the 40 blogs in 40 Days project, after a 4 day weekend in Austin, TX, but now I’m caught up. I hope the kids enjoyed the snow. They are so lucky. I miss the snow falls of childhood more than anything. It’s really just like the snow globe in Citizen Kane.

  2. Welcome back, Dave! I loved the snow when I was little, too. As magical as snow globes. It helps to enjoy it now, too, with the kids around. Now I’ve got to go back and watch Citizen Kane.

  3. M. Erl Lin says:

    In 1997 I watched my first Super Bowl at Holderness, Pats vs Packers. Since then I have been a huge Pats fan, to the utter disbelief of almost every single football fan I know. I tell them hey I’m a Mets fan and a Knicks fan so the sports gods threw me a bone and 8 hrs from home brainwashed me into a Patriot state of mind. Hope all is well, send my love to the mister and the kids.

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